Museum Passes



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There are two types of passes:

Print on Demand—these passes may be printed from either home or library. Reservation is for 1 day, the date of your visit.

Print On Demand Instructions

Pick up/Return—these passes are checked out for 3 days. Pick up/Return passes must be checked out using the card under which it was reserved. Passes must be returned to the Reference Desk no later than one hour before library closing on the due date. A fee of $20 per day will be charged to the borrower for passes returned late. Borrowers are responsible for the replacement cost of a lost pass.

PLEASE NOTE: There are a limited number of passes; failure to return a pass on time means that another family is inconvenienced.

Pick Up/Return Instructions



Rules and Regulations

Museum passes may be borrowed, free of charge, by Franklin Square Public Library cardholders, over 18 years of age, who are in good standing (i.e., no outstanding fines). Passes must be reserved using the museum pass reservation system. Only one pass may be borrowed per library card at a time. Patrons may reserve up to 4 passes per library card within a 60-day period. In fairness to others, only one reservation for a specific museum may be reserved within a 60-day period. Borrowers must return a pass before borrowing another one. The Library reserves the right to monitor usage to ensure fair access to the greatest number of patrons.

Borrowers are responsible to call the museum directly for hours of operation, parking or directions. Each museum determines the rules and regulations governing the use of its museum pass. The museum pass may not provide admission to all exhibits at the museum. Borrowers are advised to have a back-up plan in case the museum is unexpectedly closed, or if a museum pass is not returned in time. The Library assumes no responsibility of any kind arising out of the reservation or use of museum passes. Use of this service is at the discretion of the Director.