Trouble Shooting & FAQs for NDD

These are suggested solutions to common Nassau Digital Doorway issues.  Additional assistance is available on the Nassau Digital Doorway Help Page.  The Library assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any damage to computer equipment and/or e-reader/audio devices in connection with these answers.

Nassau Digital Doorway:

What is the connection between Nassau Digital Doorway and Overdrive?

Overdrive is the parent company which provides downloadable audio and e-books.  Nassau Digital Doorway represents the collection of books that are available to patrons of all Nassau County libraries that participate in the program.

The book I’m interested in is not available through Nassau Digital Doorway.  Why?

Unfortunately, not all printed books are available in e-book form.  In addition, some publishers are not interested in working with certain e-book providers such as Nassau Digital Doorway or even, sometimes, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Why do I have to place reserves on checked out e-books?  If they are electronic, why aren’t there unlimited copies available?

Publishers require e-books to be available to only one person at a time to maintain their profitability.  They feel that unlimited e-books, available for free through the libraries, would significantly hurt their sales via commercial sites.

Nassau Digital Doorway’s homepage suddenly looks very different and lacks some search capabilities.

You have accidentally accessed the mobile version of the website (one you might access using an iPhone or Blackberry).  Click on the following web address to return to the other format:

I’m unable to sign into Nassau Digital Doorway and I keep getting the error message “Failed HTTP Request to Library’s ILS server.”

The Library’s server is temporarily down.  Check back later to see if the system is up again.

The Nassau Digital Doorway website changed in March 2013.  Prior to that date, I was able to order and download books without an issue.  Since then I have not been able to.

There is a known problem with Nassau Digital Doorway’s website and the Internet Explorer browser.  Try accessing the site using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


Adobe Digital Editions (ADE):

ERROR CODE 80131500.

Reboot the computer, reopen ADE, and try downloading the item again.

ADE does not recognize my Nook or displays the error “user not activated.”

  1. Click on ‘My Computer.’
  2. Click on the Nook drive (your Nook must be connected to your computer via its USB wire).
  3. Copy the ‘.adobe-digital-editions’ file and paste it onto your desktop (this is for backup—when the process is complete and everything works you can erase it).  Delete the original file.
  4. Disconnect your Nook from the computer.
  5. Close ADE, reopen it, and plug the Nook back into the computer.  You should be prompted to authorize your Nook.  If you are not, continue to step 6.
  6. Click on ‘My Computer.’
  7. Delete the ‘Digital Editions’ file.
  8. Close ADE and reopen it.  You should be prompted to authorize your Nook.

I need to create a new ID for ADE.

  1. Open ADE.
  2. For PC users press CTRL+SHIFT+D. For Mac users press CMD+SHIFT+D.
  3. When asked: “Are you sure you want to deauthorize this computer?  If you have protected items in your Digital Editions library, they may no longer be readable” select Deauthorize then Quit.
  4. Reopen ADE.
  5. When the Setup Assistant appears click Continue and authorize with a new Adobe ID.


Overdrive Media Console:

My audiobook will not open and/or displays the extension “.odm.”

You probably did not install OverDrive Media Console before downloading the book.  Download OverDrive Media Console then download the book again.

My Account:

How many items may I have checked out at one time?


How long do I have to claim a reserve once I’ve been e-mailed?

Three days.

I received an e-mail informing me that my reserve is now available, but when I sign into Nassau Digital Doorway the reserve is not there.

Make sure you are using the same library card you used to place the reserve.

I’ve recently replaced my old/lost/stolen library card.  Now I can’t check out any of my reserves.

Contact the library and provide them with your name, new library card number and, if you have it, your old library card number.  We will inform Overdrive of the change and they will transfer your checked out items and reserves to your new card.

I have 5 items checked out and one of my reserves just came in.  Nassau Digital Doorway won’t let me check out the 6th book.  What can I do?

You cannot have more than five items checked out at a given time.  If you have e-books checked out, you must return one before you can check out your reserve.  Audiobooks cannot be returned early so you will not be able to claim your reserve at this time.  Re-reserve the item.


The Overdrive App for the iPhone/iPad has been downloaded but it doesn’t work.

Restart your device:

  1. Press and hold down the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the device until the red slider appears.
  2. Slide the slider and wait for the device to shut down.
  3. Press the Sleep/Wake button again to restart.

If this does not resolve the issue, uninstall then reinstall the App.

The e-book I’m downloading for my Nook is being sent to my Sony Reader’s e-book library.  How can I send the e-book to my Nook?

Go to your Nassau Digital Doorway account page and download the book again from your ‘My Checked Out Items.’  When asked whether you wish to open or save the file, select open and scroll through the choices to choose Adobe Digital Editions.

I’ve transferred a book to my Nook but now I can’t find it.

The Nook files all books not obtained through Barnes and Noble in the My Documents file of its Library.

When  I click on the “Get for Kindle” button I receive the error message “the web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site: Go to Amazon’ Home Page” but the book never appears on my Amazon page.

Contact the Library; an error has occurred on Amazon’s side.  We will contact our Overdrive representative who will, in turn, contact Amazon and see that the issue is resolved.

Ever since updating to iOS 7, I have been experiencing APP failures and have been unable to open my e-books.

Apple is working on a fix, but in the meantime they have suggested that patrons 1) re-Authorize their Adobe ID and 2) uninstall and re-install OverDrive Media Console on the affected device.

I’ve updated to iOS 10 on my iPad and now I can’t adjust the font size of my downloaded books.

This may be caused by an issue with iOS 10.  To resolve the issue, go to the OverDrive app and make sure it has been updated to the latest version.  If the font size still does not work, open the downloaded book, tap the middle of the screen, and then select the settings button (the Settings icon).  Turn the default layout off and try adjusting the text size again.


What is a “Windows Media Player Security Upgrade?”

This is a one-time upgrade that must be installed before Windows Media Player will permit Nassau Digital Doorway’s audiobooks, which are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected, to run OverDrive Media Console.

How to upgrade Windows Media Player Security.

  1. While connected to the Internet, open OverDrive Media Console.
  2. Go to Tools then click on Windows Media Player Security Upgrade.
  3. Click OK in the dialog box.
  4. Click Upgrade to download and install the required security component.
  5. Click the Close button. In the Media Usage Rights Acquisition dialog box click Play to complete the upgrade.
  6. Click the Cancel button to close the License Acquisition dialog box. You may also close Windows Media Player at this time.
  7. Play the audiobook using the Overdrive Media Console.