Art in the Library

The Franklin Square National Bank Murals

The main reading room of the Franklin Square Public Library is graced with five large murals entitled “The Future Is Now.”  These murals were commissioned by Arthur T. Roth, President of the Franklin Square National Bank and painted in 1947 by the noted artist Edward Sinnott.  Once completed they were mounted on the upper walls of the Consumer Banking Hall of the bank at 925 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square, and were retained by the European-American Bank after the Franklin National Bank was liquidated in 1974.

The murals were donated to the Franklin Square Historical Society in 1989 and restored by the firm of Kaliski and Danks through a Legislative Grant obtained by State Senator Kemp Hannon.

In general, the murals expound the theme “The Future Is Now.”  This theme was chosen to encourage people to save money in the bank because they would need savings for a future which was just around the corner.  The title panel features a futuristic vision of Franklin Square with a space age house, an airport, and a bus terminal.  Other panels show professionals earning a living, farmers tilling the soil of then rural Long Island, as well as brides and young couples anticipating their future.  One can also discern local landmarks such as the Jones Beach water tower, Sewanhaka High School, Hofstra University and St. George’s Church in Hempstead.

Wood and Steel Mobile & Watercolor Paintings

The wood and steel mobile hanging in the main reading room was created by Paul Henry and donated to the Library by Paul and Clarice Henry.

The six watercolor paintings hanging in the main reading room represents scenes from mid 20th century Franklin Square.  They were painted by Salvatore J. Indiviglia. 

Children’s Room Murals

The “Magic of Books” artwork in the children’s main reading room was painted by Frank Cangelosi and depicts literary characters such as Peter Pan, Harry Potter, Tom Sawyer, Little Red Riding Hood, and Little Bo-Peep.

The storybook murals in the program room were painted by Christine Kuna. Ms. Kuna’s murals include characters from much loved children’s books such as Madeline, Spot, Franklin, and Curious George.