Tween programs are for kids in grades 5-8  and are held on Tuesday nights at 7PM.  Registration is required and there is a $2.00 material fee due at registration.  Please register at the Children’s Reference Desk.




Winter Bag:  Tuesday, January 20

Decorate your drawstring bag with fabric markers.  Registration begins on January 7.

Heart Boxes: Tuesday, February 3

Decorate a box with sparkly sequins. Registration begins on January 28.

Ceramic Banks: Tuesday, March 24

Paint a ceramic bank for spring. Registration begins on March 4.

Bottle Craft: Tuesday, April 14

Turn an ordinary water bottle into a fish or an elephant or whatever you choose. Registration begins on April 1.

Sock Craft: Tuesday, May 19

Use fabric markers and your imagination to design a unique pair of socks. Registration begins on May 6.