Summer Reading Club: 4-12 Year Olds

Slogan with Characters croppedFranklin Square Public Library’s Summer Reading Club for Kids

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 — Saturday, August 15, 2015




Stop by on Tuesday, June 23 at 6 o’clock for our Summer Reading Club Kick-Off Party!

Special guest Nature Nick will be on hand along with his menagerie of animals.


Omalley_laughing (3)Signing Up and Getting Involved…

  1. Sign up to join the Summer Reading Club with the Children’s Librarian beginning on Tuesday, June 23.
  2. Start to read! Read big books, small books, adventure books, and funny books. All books that are age appropriate and have words will be accepted.
  3. Each time you finish a book, come to the Library and tell, write, or draw the Librarian a picture about what you just read.


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Prizes and Parties…

If you read 4 or more books this summer you will win a free summer reading club T-shirt and be invited to the Summer Reading Club Party (date and time TBA).

But wait, there’s more!

If you are in grades K-3 and read 16 or more books by August 15 or if you are in grades 4-6 and read 8 or more books by August 15, you will win yet another very special prize.

Don’t Forget About the Rest…

The Summer Reading Club is not just about reading and parties (though both are a lot of fun)!

Sign up for our numerous programs and crafts including:

And while we’re at it . . . let’s make the summer fun for everyone!

Get your dad, mom, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even your younger brothers and sisters in on the action!

Ask them to join…

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