Sunday Programs

Tickets are needed to attend the Sunday programs.  Our highly professional Sunday programs are best enjoyed by our adult patrons.  The parking lot door on the side of the building will be open to facilitate seating (the main doors of the library are not open on Sundays).  Please come on time.  The Sunday programs start promptly at 2PM.  District 17 Residents can pick up tickets for the Sunday program starting the Monday two weeks before.  If any tickets remain, they will be available to non-District 17 residents at the door on the afternoon of the performance. 


Upcoming Programs:

Quartetto Ducati:  Sunday, March 2

The Great Italian Songbook, performed by singer/guitarist Dave Anthony Setteducati and Quartetto Ducati, features the wonderful music of Italy sung in the original Italian. Dave’s warm baritone voice may be accompanied by one or more traditional Italian instruments , such as guitar, violin, accordion, mandolin and tambourine. Don’t worry if you can’t speak “Italiano”-many of the songs featured have been hits on American radio and around the world.

Promotion Vic Vincent Group:  Sunday, March 9

Experience a musical history tour of a wide variety of music from the great eras of rock and roll, doo-wop, and pop, which began in the 1950′s and lasted through the decades. Sing along, tap your feet, clap your hands, and enjoy the music, comical stories and trivia that will bring back those wonderful memories of where you were and what you were doing during those special times of your lives.

Sheri Miller:  Sunday, April 6

Long Island native Sheri Miller began teaching herself guitar and piano in addition to composing dozens of songs by age 10. Enjoy her renditions of classic songs from Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Billie Holiday to pop standards from the Beatles and The Beach Boys.

Hit Parade:  Sunday, May 4

Vocalists Stan Edwards and Linda Ipanema perform a fabulous program of songs that climbed to #1 on the radio’s “Lucky Strike Hit Parade” (1930-late 1950′s). Remember Johnny Desmond’s “Symphony”, Billy Eckstine’s “My Foolish Heart”, and Sinatra’s “Young at Heart”? These are just a few of the enduring favorites that will be performed by one of New York’s most popular husband-and-wife teams.

All About Love:  Sunday, May 18

Join Diane Hoffman for a musical program that deals with Love! The shades of love are limitless and so there is a bottomless well of inspiration for the songwriter’s pen: love dreamt of, love longed for, love found, love afire, love grown cold.This show presents a sampling of the most successfully expressive love songs, many from the golden period of songwriting.

Moonlight Serenaders Swing Band:  Sunday, June 1

Come listen to some great Swing music!