Library Budget & Long Range Plan

Franklin Square Public Library’s 2014 Budget Vote and Trustee Election


Vote 1

The Library would like to thank the community for its support.  The budget passed 195 to 62.

Janet Carfora was elected Library Trustee with 95 votes.  Congratulations Janet!

Runner ups:  Reinette Krajci (61), Gertrude Cucciniello (57), Paul Varughese (45).


Library Trustee Elect:

Trustees-CarforaJanet Carfora

I was born in Brooklyn and attended school in New Hyde Park. I have been a resident of Franklin Square since 1999.

I was a volunteer many years ago at the Hillside Public Library in New Hyde Park where my late grandmother was a librarian. Being around the Library consistently exposed me to the many complex issues that our own Library faces every day. I believe I would bring a unique perspective on some of these issues if given an opportunity to address them. Our Library is a vital force in the community and needs to be preserved for many years to come.


Long Range Plan:

  • Available shortly.