Library Budget & Long Range Plan

Franklin Square Public Library’s 2014 Budget Vote and Trustee Election


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Dates to Remember:


  • Thursday, April 10:  Public Budget Hearing (7PM)  Proposed Budget
  • Thursday, April 10:  Voter Registration (4PM-8PM)
  • Wednesday, April 23:  Budget Vote and Trustee Election (9AM-9PM)



Candidates for Library Trustee:

Trustees-CarforaJanet Carfora

I was born in Brooklyn and attended school in New Hyde Park. I have been a resident of Franklin Square since 1999.

I was a volunteer many years ago at the Hillside Public Library in New Hyde Park where my late grandmother was a librarian. Being around the Library consistently exposed me to the many complex issues that our own Library faces every day. I believe I would bring a unique perspective on some of these issues if given an opportunity to address them. Our Library is a vital force in the community and needs to be preserved for many years to come.

Trustees-CuccinielloTrudy (Gertrude) Cucciniello

Over the past decade, the role of public libraries has shifted to offering a wide range of digital educational and social tools. The role of the Franklin Square Board of Trustees is to support the mission of the library and ensure that user needs are met, that the quality of our library collection is maintained and that we continue to enhance internet services, digital capabilities, educational resources, and youth and adult programs.

As a resident of Franklin Square for 49 years, I have watched our library meet the needs of our patrons while growing and redefining its role in the community. In 32 years in higher education as an administrator and Dean, my responsibilities included departmental budgeting, purchasing, clerical union issues and staff management. Because of my life and work experience, I believe that I understand that the present and future needs of all of our patrons must be met while keeping costs in line.

Trustees-KrajciReinette Krajci

As a member of the Franklin Square community for the past 32 years, I have truly enjoyed the literature and all the community programs that are provided by our local library. The library is such an integral part of the community for residents young and old, and as an elected trustee, I would make sure that these programs continue to benefit and enrich our community members and seek to bring additional technology related programs to our library.

Currently, I hold the position as the Teaching Assistant for Technology in the Franklin Square School District. I am directly involved in the areas of Library Media Science. I also collaborate with the librarians and teachers on technology related issues. My main areas of support include the district’s Accelerated Reading Program, as well as the new iPad initiative. If elected, I would welcome the opportunity to bring my knowledge and expertise to the Library Board of Trustees.

Trustees-VarughesePaul Varughese

I have been a resident of school district 17 for almost my entire life. I received my very first library card at the Franklin Square Public Library in first grade from Ms. Lieberman. I am an alumnus of both Washington Street School and H. Frank Carey High School. During my senior year, I was President of the Carey Student Government along with many other organizations during my high school years. I’ve always enjoyed giving my time to our community.

I currently hold undergraduate and graduate degrees from Stony Brook University. I am also a NYS certified Math Teacher. I’m currently teaching in a private middle school. I would like to be a member of the Board of Trustees because I think I can bring a new perspective to the board as a young member of this community. I believe that as a society gets deeper into an age of technology, we need to be mindful of keeping libraries relevant to young members of the community. It is my hope that as part of the Board of Trustees I can join in the excellent effort of this community to instill a love and opportunity for reading and media to all the people it serves.


Long Range Plan:

  • Available shortly.